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Alternative (Mitigation) Presentence Report

The presentence report is one of the most important documents the judge will consider before a person is sentenced. A thorough presentence report is critical because in most cases the judge does not know you or, if they do, it is often from the prosecution view. The probation officer's time limitations only allow them to summarize what you did according to law enforcement reports, check for any prior record, spend very little time on your background and advise the judge of sentencing options.

An Alternative Presentence report will go into more background information about you, your family and your successes. It focuses on you and not the offense for which you have been convicted or plead guilty. There is so much more the Court needs to know about you and this report covers just that. It allows for more input from the community and those who care about you. The sentencing judge wants to know the person and not just what they did, but why they did it.

Every day taken off your sentence is important to you and your family. Don't reply on just the probation officer to tell the judge about you. Get an Alternative Presentence Report that more fully explains who you are and what caused you to commit the offense that brings you in front of the Court.


Investigations provide a wide range of services that may be needed. Bob can assist you in locating individuals, surveillance, computer forensics, court document retrieval and interview of persons, to name just a few.

Because an investigation is not a static service, there are times when multiple attempts are needed to locate and speak with the individuals you are seeking. Bob is persistent in his approach thereby making his efforts cost effective to you. There are many resources he has at his disposal which will be utilized as the case calls for. Although no one can promise you results, if there is a way to find the person or locate the information you want our investigative services will do that for you.

Federal Prison Consultation

Bob has worked with thousands of federal prisoners before, during and after their terms of incarceration. He knows their apprehensions upon entering the Bureau of Prisons. A federal prison consultant should not only know what it is like in the prisons but the laws and regulations that govern it. Additionally, the consultant should have a working knowledge of the BOP system and be current in its policies and upcoming changes. With his many years of working in the federal courts and associating with the Bureau of Prisons, Bob keeps current through the many associates he has working in the systems.

About Bob Storey

Mitigation Expert & Investigator

With over 30 years experience in the criminal justice system, Bob brings a unique background and expertise into his career as a private investigator and mitigation expert. He has become one of the most respected private investigators and consultant in the Sacramento area since his retirement as a supervising federal probation officer. He has established himself as a reliable, hardworking and knowledgeable professional. Bob has worked many high profile federal and state cases with excellent work product. His professional approach to the job has lead many attorneys to use his services. With Bob's professional experience in courts, jail, prisons and criminal justice in general, his consulting expertise if often called upon. His association with professionals still working in federal and state criminal justice agencies provides him with resources available to few other investigators or consultants.

The benefits of using Bob are many. He has worked in the federal criminal justice system from pretrial through post release supervision. He has been inside several prisons, conducting presentations and prerelease hearings. Today he continues to meet with those pending trial, waiting sentencing, in BOP facilities (including halfway houses) and on terms of supervised release.



* Consult and investigate for criminal and civil attorneys
* Investigate federal and state offenses for defense attorneys
* Prepare alternative presentence reports on federal guideline and state cases
* Prepare mitigation reports on federal and state cases
* Analyze and prepare federal sentencing guidelines for defense attorneys
* Regularly attends National Federal Sentencing Seminars
* Certified an expert witness in federal sentencing guidelines with the U.S. Attorney Office
Expert in BOP policies, requirements and inmate preparation

United States Probation Officer
Eastern District of California

* Supervisor of Court and Supervision Units
* Senior Sentencing Guideline Specialist
* Recipient of National Guideline Training intermittently
* Guideline Trainer to District Probation Officers
* Graduate of Leadership Development Program

Administrator - Community Corrections Center

* Provide programs for BOP inmates returning to the community
* Prepare reports for the Courts, Parole Commission and BOP on inmate behavior
* Monitor inmate activities in the residential facility and community
* Coordinate transition from CCC to community with U.S. Probation Officer
* Supervise and train staff employed by the CCC

Parole Aide
California Youth Authority

Intelligence Analyst
United States Air Force

References - Available Upon Request

Bachelor of Arts: Social Work, California State University, Sacramento
Masters of Arts (Candidate): Administration of Justice, California State University, Sacramento


Bob Storey